1st Feb 2013, 1:23 PM Bloggity blog

Honestly, I should be one of those people who blog about anything and everything. After all, I used to earn a living by writing and now I make it by helping others get better at writing. The truth is that most people who blog rarely have anything to say. I really don't care if your baby dislikes peas (who doesn't?) or that you considered 30 Something to be the greatest show ever shown on TV (it wasn't, and I blame it for the massive crop of critically-acclaimed shows about self-absorbed people who are their own worst enemies that have come ever since. I'm looking at you, Parenthood, Pretty Little Liars, Revenge, Glee). I could feature additional insight into what's going on with GK, but that would be self-serving and boring in its own right. Anyway, I've got about a month's worth of strips ready to go starting Feb. 2, and I hope you find them entertaining.

If not, try eating peas.

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