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Characters in Glomshire Knights.


Gil is a ranger in the service of Lord Jerek, ruler of Glomshire. Brave, loyal, and skilled in battle, he tends to see the world in black and white. Unfortunately, he’s also a dimwit who is known to blunder into adventures and overlook the obvious. Gil joined the Ranger Corps after falling down a well and overhearing, and then thwarting, a plot to kidnap Jesamaine, the eldest daughter of Lord Jerek.

Ewart was a common foot soldier in the Glomshire Irregulars when Gil plucked him from the ranks to carry stuff. A whiner, Ewart is reluctant to go adventuring and often serves as the voice of reason when Gil heads off into the wild blue. When pressed, Ewart will defend himself but would much rather run away than confront danger. Perhaps his reluctance and fear of the unknown has made him attractive to the Stona female, Switchfoot.

With parents too lazy to give him an actual name, Nameless Dwarf left the mines to seek his fortune above ground. Unfortunately, he did this just in time to join Gil on the quest for the talisman of Melvin the Wizard King. Fearless on the battlefield, susceptible to the lure of gold, and nervous around female dwarves, Nameless carries a warhammer that may or may not be possessed – all we know is that it turned from an axe into a warhammer without any explanation.

Lord Jerek is the ruler of Glomshire. A brave warrior whose battlefield days are mostly behind him, he is a kind and benevolent ruler. His two daughters give him nearly as many headaches as the people in his kingdom. Gil likes to think of himself as the son Jerek never had; Jerek sometimes thinks Gil would be a son no one would want.

Krik was the captain of the Black Barnacle, one of the fastest ships in the Glomshire's corsair fleet, but after the ship was sunk thanks to Quiggle and Roger, he is now a captain without a ship. A weather-beaten sailor who rose through the ranks, he's very handy with a saber and flintlock pistol. Has a secret desire to sing show tunes onstage in local dinner theater performances.


Princess Jesamaine is the eldest daughter of Lord Jerek. She was sent to the cultural center of enlightment and courtly ways in the distant land of Kickbutistan, but decided to take part in extra-curricular activities under a master in the arts of war. "Hey, diplomacy and niceties will only take you so far. Then you have to take a good blade in your hand and solve the problem accordingly," she says. Apparently learned how to bind a dragon while in Kickbutistan as well,


Switchfoot is one of the Stonas, a group of rock-like creatures created by Melvin the Wizard King ages ago. Their home inside a mountain has been hidden from the world all this time thanks to a Forgetus Stuffus spell cast by Melvin, but with the source of the spell's power (The Glowstone) stolen by the Mordock the Malignant their existence to the world has been revealed. Most Stonas enjoy their privacy, but Switchfoot has become attached to Ewart and has decided to make Glomshire her home.

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