Comic 173 - Glomshire Knights #173

7th Sep 2010, 11:00 PM in Glomshire Knights 151-200
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Glomshire Knights #173
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Author Notes:

8th Sep 2010, 3:52 PM
Dennis Price
Meet Beynar. I had to do something with the baby dragon, and this strip was severly lacking in things that could potentially harm princesses . . .


8th Sep 2010, 11:22 AM
"It's the circle of life..."
8th Sep 2010, 9:19 PM
lol. Well mission accomplished, Dennis. I imagine this little baby dragon speaking in a deep, yet hilarious voice.
8th Sep 2010, 11:05 PM
Dennis Price
Cap, you're absolutely right. Deep, yet hilarious is just the way I hear it too.
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